3 Things to Motivate You to Undo Those Pandemic Pounds

There are so many reasons why it would be easier to stick with our bad pandemic habits until the virus is eradicated; but, that won’t help at all, especially if getting back on track physically is your main goal.

Instead of waiting for your pants to get tighter, it’s best to get up and get moving now, especially when an emphasis on good health has never been more important.

Here’s an easy list of things you can do now to get motivated.

Set a schedule

When you’re stuck at home and the fridge is just a few steps away, it’s easy to grab convenience foods or snacks throughout the day. If we were living under a normal schedule, we’d probably be more inclined to set our alarms, work out, eat breakfast, and head out the door for the office. But there’s no rule that says we still can’t adhere to a similar routine, so get back to your previous schedule and stick to it. Make sure you have a healthy snack readily available, so the pantry full of processed foods doesn’t keep calling your name.

Get moving

Again, if you were at the office, you wouldn’t have the luxury of sitting on the sofa. So don’t do it at home either. If you are working from home, use your lunch break to get in a quick workout, or go outside for an afternoon walk. Right now, a lot of us are moving less and gaining weight as a result. Nothing beats a good jolt of cardio, so make sure you are incorporating at least 30 minutes of exercise into your schedule each and every day. And by now, you’ve seen home workouts posted everywhere online. Pick one and try it out!

Stay accountable

No one said that just because a pandemic is going on that you should isolate yourself from friends and loved ones. In fact, you should be enlisting each other to stay on top of your fitness goals. That’s right — an accountability partner can keep you encouraged and focused on getting fit and eating healthy. You could even schedule a daily Zoom call to workout together. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Lastly, if you want to reset your metabolism, make sure you are staying hydrated. Swap out the caffeine or sugary drinks for some good old fashioned H20. It’s a win-win situation because drinking more fluids can help you keep feeling satisfied and lead to less snacking.

There are also so many products on the market that can assist you with reaching your fitness goal. A Fit Bit, for example, can tell you how many steps you are getting in each day. The goal is 10 thousand, and these little devices can be a partner in your fitness journey. Whatever you choose, get up, get moving and good luck!

Ali Ghani is an investor and entrepreneur from Calgary, Canada