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As the world enters a new, post-pandemic era, business leaders are all asking themselves the same question — how do we motivate, inspire, and drive our oftentimes understaffed and overwhelmed teams?

And how do we continue to lead through a crisis that doesn’t have an end in sight?

While there’s no magic formula for this, there are important factors to keep in mind to ensure you’re leading with sensitivity, authenticity, and strength.

Be Flexible

It’s been a tough year for everyone — not just you, or your employees. It’s critical that leaders remain agile and flexible with scheduling.

Parents are…

There are so many reasons why it would be easier to stick with our bad pandemic habits until the virus is eradicated; but, that won’t help at all, especially if getting back on track physically is your main goal.

Instead of waiting for your pants to get tighter, it’s best to get up and get moving now, especially when an emphasis on good health has never been more important.

Here’s an easy list of things you can do now to get motivated.

Set a schedule

When you’re stuck at home and the fridge is just a few steps away, it’s…

With countries across the globe grappling with a pandemic, enclosed spaces are not the safest places to be. And many times, working out at home saves time. Perhaps you’ve seen suspension systems (TRX straps are a popular brand) in gyms or recommended by fitness professionals. I’ve always been a big proponent of body weight exercises that you can do anywhere, and I would like to share my new discovery — suspension systems that utilize your own body weight.

Get An Instant Gym

Suspension systems consist of durable six-foot straps with grip handles, and a variety of accessories, such as a…

Ali Ghani

Ali Ghani is an investor and entrepreneur from Calgary, Canada

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